So, what are your post-grad plans?

The dreaded question that’s been asked in countless conversations these past months.

It doesn’t help I’m bad at talking about myself, so this won’t be as much about me, but rather why I’m taking this backpacking trip.

I consider myself a highly motivated, independent, and organized person. I planned for everything and overthought my day-to-day life. The question: “What do you want to do with a PR degree?” provided a plague of opportunity. First, I aspired to be a journalist, next political communications, and finally I settled on hospitality and travel PR as my niche.

Leading into senior year, I reflected on what I truly wanted to pursue after graduation. I wanted to study abroad but transferring and the pandemic ruled that out. I couldn’t shake the wanderlust and didn’t see myself going straight into a PR job like my peers.

Throughout college, academic and self-induced pressure to succeed burnt me out. The idea of simply “doing nothing” after graduation enamored me. I workshopped this idea to dismayed friends and family who worried about my lack of stability out of college.

A photo of me at graduation with an empty head and no thoughts!
Just a one-way ticket to Europe!
(And to my friends and family who were concerned for me, I know it was from a place of love! I appreciate you dearly!)

Throwing caution to the wind certainly wasn’t what anyone expected from me, but here I am graduated, with a one-way ticket to Europe, and no end date in sight. Is this practical? Probably not. 

However, I’m not really “doing nothing” during this period. I’m taking this time to explore the world backpacking solo and experience things beyond what I can imagine. I expect to learn more about myself, other cultures, and people during this time which will help me immensely in the hospitality and travel industry. Although I’m not technically “working,” I’ll be writing on this site to improve and retain my skills.

This isn’t to say that my writing will be amazing, but it will have my voice. If you know me well, you know my “Ch-linguistics” will come through in the posts. I also wanted to have an easy way for friends and family to stay up to date with me. So, read along and live vicariously through me if you’d like to keep in touch.

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    Kateri Williams

    I love you and I’M SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!❤️❤️

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