The Day That Never Ends

Day 1.5: It Begins (One Day Late)

I sit writing this from the floor of terminal C at IAH on this lovely, hot Tuesday afternoon. My initial departure date was set for Monday morning. However, I decided to delay a day after moving out Saturday and learning how ill-prepared I still was for the trip.

How the day started
Pre-Trip Shenanigans: Saturday

While sitting at home Saturday night, I learned my initial hostel St. Christopher’s Inn (although top-ranked and well-known) is in a rather unsafe part of Paris. I panicked to find another hostel with a female dorm a day out from my flight. After a few hours of anxious searching, I found The People Hostel in a great neighborhood and instantly booked. (Thank you to my cousin Emma for dealing with me blowing up her phone with Paris questions).

I didn’t end up falling asleep until 5 a.m. Sunday. I opened the United app in the later morning and switched my flight to Tuesday afternoon giving myself extra downtime.

Pre-Trip Shenanigans: Sunday & Monday

Next up, packing! I tried to do the capsule wardrobe thing, but it’s not working for me. My pack is stuffed to the brim, and I know I probably won’t touch some of these clothes. I fully acknowledge this is my fault so to anyone I told my packing woes please forgive my complaints.

My very packed pack!

I didn’t realize I would need a towel for the hostel, but I have no space left in the pack. I’m taking the L and renting a hostel towel. I also didn’t leave any room for shampoo or soap. This is a future Chloe problem, and she will be smart enough to solve it.

After all this, I felt at ease and ready to fly. I woke up early this Tuesday morning to find an email from the newly booked hostel. Their system had glitched and let me book although there was no space. Panic once again ensued, but the handy dandy Hostel World website led me to another spot.

Unfortunately for me, I switch hostels every two days due to this error as most places are booked solid. Hopefully, a space opens during my initial stay, so I don’t move around as much. If not, I will be well-versed in the hostels of Paris!

Day 1.5 Update:

I am currently delayed five and a half hours for my flight to Paris after landing in Newark. It’s all up from here! I spent $20 on airport food and created an email subscription button. So, subscribe for new posts if you want a reminder of what I’m up to!

United offered a $20 food voucher after my meal as penance for this delay.

My snack spread!

I did realize on the flight here I focused more on hostels and actually getting myself to take this trip than on planning the day-to-day. So, I am currently writing to you half-asleep from Newark planning a daily itinerary.

Versus how the day is ending

Hopefully, the next time I update I will be in Paris, and this day of travel has ended!

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