Paris Part One Recap

After my in-depth analysis of my first official day in Paris, here’s a more abbreviated recap of the rest of my time. 

Day 2:

Due to my booking mistake, I had to switch hostels after my second night. When I arrived at the new hostel, a group of travelers offered me their storage locker as they said they were heading out and no longer needed it. I took it not considering this could be a setup to steal my things. 

So, I headed out for a day at Versailles with Kate and Bent. However, I turned back after 30 minutes of stress that my things were stolen. Alas, two train rides and one anxiety attack later I returned to find my things still there. But I went ahead and rented a different locker to be sure.

After all this hubbub, we finally took the hour train out to Versailles. Our afternoon consisted of marveling at the grandiose decor and gardens. It was very overwhelming in both size and the number of people visiting. We thought we were going to pass out from how hot it was inside too.

Kate, Bent, and the Hall of Mirrors

I don’t have much to say beyond this because it’s just something you have to see to understand the magnitude of the grounds. We spent about 4.5 hours here on our visit and then 2 hours round-trip by train so it was a full day for sure. 

Versailles 😛

Day 3:

I took a chill day in Paris as I woke up feeling sick. I walked around the Latin Quarter which took me to the Luxembourg Gardens, the Panthéon, and the Musée Curie. After eating my lovely ramen noodle lunch, I visited the Sacré-Cœur and walked around the Montmartre neighborhood.

Sacré-Coeur Altar
Marie Curie’s Lab
Luxembourg Gardens created by Marie de’ Medici in 1612.

My evening consisted of a Tartiflette for dinner along the Seine, with a glass of wine I fully spilled on the ground after knocking the table three sips in. A very mid-tier dinner, but it was made up for by drinking plans with Jack, the last of the Paris crew still in town.

Gare de l’Est

Jack, his two friends, and I ventured to the train station Gare de l’Est for their rooftop bar: Le Perchoir de l’Est. The vibes were ~immaculate~ from the decor to the music and overall setting. Even though the bar was great, I probably wouldn’t go back solo as it is in a rather unsafe neighborhood.

Jack’s terrible iPhone SE photo because his phone got stolen that day.

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